Looking to the past and the future from a little house in Kadikoy. Will travel.




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Büyükada (at Ada Kahvaltı)

Back in September.  These were trees waiting in the wings for a protest sequel (one of many, in continuation) to Gezi.  I also shot a lot of video - not only were the visuals surreal, but there was a portable speaker playing nature sounds.


"Another world is possible."

Home till Thursday.

FILE UNDER: Turkish Research 

Turkey “finds evidence” that helps them with their doping scandals.

“‘Ancient sportsmen took doping too,’ findings show”

We went to the Marionette Theater tonight for an absolutely beautiful puppet show. The main performance starts in the theater at 8. We watched a piece called STALINGRAD that was an evocative piece about war and violence. But outside every night at 7, they have an enchanting lullaby of a pre-show that takes place in various openings of Tbilisi’s quirky Clock Tower.

Georgian art, Tbilisi Day 1

Our alphabet for the next 16 days.

Tavla by the sea.

Sunday - Island breakfast

FILE UNDER: Turkey's claims on early history 

This is a theme I’m starting to piece out here, and here’s a great example. Excavations in many parts of the country seem to have as an aim Turkey gettings its fair dues as the start of everything.  Some of it is probably legitimate, but the sheer number of stories/claims brings in an element of the absurd.  So, someone has to start listing them. 

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